Karnataka: Siddaramaiah Government Unveils New Karnataka Flag

Siddaramaiah Govt Unveils New Karnataka Flag

 cm holding new karnataka flag.

New Karnataka Flag:Yellow, white and red with state emblem in the middle

At round 10.30 am on Thursday, leader Minister Siddaramaiah called a meeting of all of the flag committee participants and over 50 writers, professionals and representatives of pro-Kannada organisations to talk about the problem. The committee formed to design the flag become headed by means of eminent Kannada scholar Hampa Nagarajaiah.

“The participants of the committee explained to all the activists, writers and specialists the importance of the flag and its which means. After a unanimous decision, the design for the flag changed into agreed upon,” SG Siddaramaiah, Chairman of the Kannada development Authority, informed TNM.

The flag design will now be sent to the Centre for its approval, following which it is able to be unfurled in state conferences.




sources said the colors selected represented different things – yellow symbolises forgiveness, white for peace and red for bravery. The emblem will the printed in black and white on the central white stripe.

The state emblem of Karnataka is based totally on the kingdom of Mysore and is carried on all government of Karnataka correspondence.

It has the Sarnath lion symbol that’s popular throughout India, underneath which is a red shield with the ganda bherunda. On either aspect are lion-elephants called ‘sharabha’, a mythological creature believed to be eight-legged possessing the powers of lions and elephants.

The emblem generally carries the words ‘Satymeva Jayate’ beneath. “but, the words Satyameva Jayate will not be present on the flag,” SG Siddaramaiah stated.

The ganda bherunda changed into first visible in coins of the Vijayanagara Empire as early as 1510. It quickly have become the symbol of the Mysore dynasty.

The Karnataka government had formed a committee to come up with a design for the official state flag in July 2017 after repeated demands for one.

Karnataka started out the usage of its unofficial yellow and red state flag in the mid-1960s. It turned into created by Kannada writer and activist Ma Ramamurthy for a pro-Kannada political party called Kannada Paksha, after he observed that many parties representing non-Kannadigas had their own flags.

This flag is unfurled every 12 months on Karnataka’s foundation day, November 1, and is a not unusual sight at public places throughout the state.pro-Kannada activists have definitely followed this flag as a symbol of state pride.

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